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The Interesting Origin Of Gaucho Polo Belts- The Belts Of The Kings

First played in Persia, the game of Polo can be classified as one of the oldest team sports. Although it started as a training game for the cavalry units, Polo was later played by the Persian kings and queens as well. With its origin in Persia, the game was eventually played in the parts of Arabia, Tibet, China, Japan, India, Europe, and the US. But, it was in Argentina that the game received unprecedented popularity. Thus, making Polo the national game of the country.

The beginnings

Just like in any other sport, the Polo players in Argentina wear team uniforms that distinguish them from each other. However, it is the polo belts that give the polo players a polished and contemporary look.
Originally made from the leather of the cows they herded, the Argentinian gauchos stitched the polo belts by hand. This accessory was stitched in various team colors and had the iconic pampa diamond design on them.

The Style Evolution Of Polo Belts

The Argentinian polo belts have evolved over the years. Formerly a part of the polo player's uniform, the polo belts are now extensively available across the globe. Wear it on your jeans or use it to accessorize your plain dress, the classic polo belts are now available in a range of different styles. These classic belts are always in trend and hence favoured by personalities such as Prince William.

From classic traditional designs and trendy styles to vibrant colour combinations, polo belts can be classified as a much sought-after accessory you must own. Interestingly, the polo belt trend is not limited to humans alone. You can groom your furry friend to match your style with the polo dog collars and leads now available in the market.

Polo Belt Styles And Gifting Options

Irrespective of your age and gender, the polo belts are a stylish alternative to your standard leather belts. These belts can look great on denim, dresses, and even tuxedos. It is this versatility of the polo belts that make these an amazing and thoughtful gifting option. Also, if you are looking for stylish yet luxurious-looking options, try the Polo By Carlos Diaz belts. Not only can you style them on any outfit and for any occasion, but they are also available in unisex designs and sizes.

Made with vibrant waxed threads and finished off with a high-quality brass buckle, these polo belts can be gifted or passed on from one generation to the other. The polo belts available on Polo by Carlos Diaz are also handcrafted to offer you the finest and durable quality. So be it a birthday or an anniversary, pick a polo belt of your choice from over 300 designs Polo by Carlos Diaz has to offer. Luxury and handcrafted perfection made available for everyone!

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