Luxury Products That Only Get Better With Age

Each and every item by Carlos Diaz has been handcrafted by the finest artisans who have perfected their skill resulting in the most beautiful products just for you. Our craftsman source the very highest-grade leather and imperfections are just not accepted from the very start. We make sure every single item is passed through our highest quality control before being delivered to you. 

Since leather is a natural product, it must be cared for in order to maintain its richness. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner (do not use any oils) onto a dry piece of cloth and rub it into the leather on both sides. Take a second clean cloth and buff the excess away before leaving it to air dry. 

If by mistake you get your item wet, dab away the liquid with a dry cloth or sponge. If the threads are affected, take a damp cloth or non-coloured sponge to scrub the threads. Make sure to always clean in the direction of the stitching (across the width of the belt) and never against. Towel dry and air dry it after. 

Our products are made to last, however in the unlikely event a thread comes loose, simply tuck the end of the loose thread into the threads next to it (do this at back of the belt in order to make the repair undetectable). Fix it in place using a little dab of clear super glue. 

The key to maintaining your Carlos Diaz products and ensuring longevity is to rotate between different pieces in your collection. We have the largest collection of patterns in the world, there’s always something suitable, no matter what the occasion. Following the above advice will go far in maintaining the longevity and richness of your Carlos Diaz product, keeping it vibrant for years to come. Our products are crafted to always be with you for a lifelong of memories and stories, to be passed on for generations to come.


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